You must declare the minor no later than the semester before your EGT (Expected Graduation Term).

You will need to complete minors within your semester limit and unit ceiling to complete a minor. Your semester limit and unit ceiling do not change as a result of adding on a minor. If you are unable to finish your minor within your limits, you will need to drop your minor. 

If you are unsure whether or not your minor plan will fit within your time limits for your degree, bring your major and minor program plan to an L&S College Adviser for help understanding your options.

You can use a total of two courses in common with your major and the PPL minor: (1) one upper division course and (2) one thesis or capstone writing course.

You can count one course from a department other than Philosophy, Political Science, Legal Studies, or Political Economy towards the Minor, provided the content of the course fits with the PPKL themes and/or your capstone project interests, and with permission of the Faculty Advisor.

During the semester you graduate, you must complete and submit a minor completion form with all required signatures. For form, instructions and deadlines, please see this page.